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Voice Overs & Voice Over Talent

Providing voice overs in over 48 languages for the global marketplace.

How to Get Rates or Check Our Fees for Foreign Language Narration Services and Voice Overs

With over 16 years of experience in finding and managing world class voice over talent, we make creating professional foreign language voice overs easy! We need a little information to provide you with pricing for our foreign language services. If you are not sure what your needs are and still want a rate quote on voice over talent, just let us know as much or as little information and we'll contact you right away to provide an estimate or "ball park" of prices for foreign language voice overs.

It's Easy, To Get Started

Fill out our foreign language voiceover rate request form below, submit the script for your voice overs with a word count or speaking time estimate and let us know any important information about the needs or use for your voice overs and don't forget to let us know the language or languages and if you will need translation services. Then, if you would like, ask for free voice over talent casting.

Once you choose the professional native language speaker for your project, email your final script for a confirmed rate quote. All major credit cards are accepted.

Your Information & Needs


Briefly explain your project making sure to supply your total word count or estimated number of minutes in the project.

Copy and paste your script here.

Voice over talent you're interested in if you know?


Do you need translation services?
Yes   No

Do you need post editing? (Specifically: breaking the recording into separate audio files, slides, screens, naming them and converting them each separately or music and mixing.)
Yes   No

Your budget for this project?

How did you find us?



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